Every woman is unique, having her unique way of wearing and combining clothing. SENSIFY provides the possibility to create every woman’s own attitude and a unique way of adapting each outfit  to the daily social expectations

Revolutionized women’s wear with emphasis on practicality and wear ability.

SENSIFY is knitwear

SENSIFY is multi-functional: pieces of clothing that can be worn in different ways for different occasions, perfect for travelling; just a few pieces can make numerous combinations and outfits, allowing the clothes to adapt to each attitude and situation;

SENSIFY Silhouette: Is feminine, simplicity and above all SENSIFY is Comfort and Quality as extra care is given to the choice of natural fibres such as Bamboo, Kashmir, Silk and Wool, with the importance to touch and feeling wonderful against one’s skin; SENSIFY is easy to care for.

SENSIFY provides the perfect combination for an easy care wardrobe for a stressed daily life.

Comfort and quality of a perfect cut, which flatters the feminine figure, and the elegance of lightness, simplicity.

Essential: Essential pieces that a women needs in her wardrobe at all times, in the must have colours! This line is always available, all year, NOS (never out of stock)

Trendy: Trendy seasonal pieces always on the move, mix and match pieces, up to date with the latest trends, in colours, shapes and designs. This is fun! This is fresh! Being up to date!

Exclusive: This is unique luxury in all aspects! Nobel qualities, handmade details, all in a limited edition. An exclusive piece of clothing for you only!

Preview: Be aware of what is upcoming, use the unique possibility of pre-reserving your favourite item of clothing. Be the first to buy!

Currently with 2 brand labels SILVER|ESSENTIAL & GOLD|EXCLUSIVE

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