Sensify and, Lda. was founded by Laila Sørensen. Currently she is one of it’s shareholders, also acting as Chief Designer.

Laila Sørensen, a professional with a vast experience in the fashion world, having graduated with a Danish Design Diploma, launched into the centre of the European industry in Portugal, building vital connections within the industrial clothing sector and maintaining major distributing brands at an international level.

The launch of a signature-clothing brand was the natural progression of the initial project.

Sensify, a luxury brand, is a Danish design, with a collection available all year round, meeting a variety of women’s needs throughout the day and throughout the year with Flexibility, Variety and Awareness. Sensify’s online store is always in touch with the latest trends for all seasons, and all easily accessible just at your fingertips.

Always with a window open to take a peep at the upcoming collections, seize the unique opportunity to pre-reserve your favourite item.