Mission statement

We are aming to contribute to the improvement of quality in womens' life - through the conception, production and distribution of innovative and multi-functional clothing.

It is a known fact that currently the relationship between fashion and sustainability is diverging and mostly not compatible. The modern fast fashion cycles lead to a growing use of resources and wasteful attitude towards clothing articles that are only worn few times before being disposed of. Our versatile pieces are designed to meet the need of fashionable and extraordinary clothing pieces in combination with the necessity to improve the approach to sustainability of the sector.

Vision & Strategy

We are seeking to produce clothing that can be used in various different ways and therefore enables the customer to consume lesswithout having to give up the comfort and necessities of all other garments.

Additionally Sensify focuses on the use of natural and renewable materials where possible, to contribute to a more sustainable development of the textile market. The favoured materials in the collections are Bamboo, Silk, Merino Wool, Lyocell and Linen.

All the pieces Sensify offers are Made in Portugal. This production location ensures that the working conditions are ethically correct and that exceptionally harmless substances and colours are utilised which are applied after strict regulations and high standards of the EU. Furthermore to contribute to a positive development of Europe as a production location for high quality fashion items.