It is an abundant plant, there are 1200 to 1500 native species of bamboo that are grown practically worldwide with more coverage in warm areas and abundant rainfall from the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, South America and Africa. Being 62% native to Asia, 34% from the Americas, and 4% from Africa and Oceania. It is a fast-growing plant. In some species it can grow 21cm per day, reaching a height of 15 to 30m in 6 months.

It is environmentally friendly, protects and conserves the soil: its root system helps control soil erosion, regulates moisture, captures organic matter, and is very powerful in carbon retention.

Contributes to biodiversity: Its flexible structure and the differences between light and shadow make it the ideal habitat for the development of numerous vertebrates and invertebrates. Cultivating, harvesting, and processing provide work for millions of human beings, making a decisive contribution to the local economy and improving the living conditions of people.

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From this plant and among its many applications we have production of yarn that is then transformed into fabrics and knits.

- The production process is totally ecological and free of harmful substances to the environment.
- It has a natural antibacterial action, does not accumulate unpleasant odors.
- Excellent ventilation and moisture absorption.
- Fully biodegradable.
- Versatility - can be used in various textile structures.

In our research for the development of collections, always in search of the best balance between planet and man, between sustainability and comfort, we fell in love with this fiber.

Currently, about 50% of Sensify brand products are developed from this raw material.