Bamboo Promotion to change the face of fashion for all slowfashion fashionnistas

Give away one of your impulse buys

so someone else can actually wear it and

test a Sensify Bamboo Favourite instead

Bamboo slowfashion Promotion to change the face of fashion for all fashionnistas

Now is the time: until 10th January 2021 enjoy an exceptional 20% discount together with a 30-day money-back guarantee Caution: you’re at risk of loving your Sensify Bamboo Favourite forever. Participating Sensify bamboo Favourites are all marked with Bamboo.

Woman exchanging impulse buy for Bamboo Favorite

Bamboo Promotion


our bamboo selection


Bamboo Promotion

The Sensify offer is for your friend(s) to acquire a Sensify Bamboo Favourite at 20% off the habitual price, test it and be seduced by its vastly appreciated comfort. If ever the test is not conclusive and your friend is not convinced after four weeks, she can simply complete the dedicated document, send the garment back to us and get her money reimbursed. No questions asked. Of course, you too can benefit from this special Bamboo campaign and buy your next Sensify Bamboo Favourite with 20% off.

Women enjoying Bamboo Favourite

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