Belmira Linen Wrap
Original wrap with sleeves. Easy to wear, for any silhouette or situation, supreme comfort. The piece of clothing that is always around. This garment can be styled in countless ways! Be creative and adapt the wrap to your reality.
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Rectangular piece of clothing with 3 openings - 1 neck hole and 2 armholes also with sleeves. One Size.

Composition & Care:

  • 100% Linen
  • Machine washable

LINEN - Natural and ecological by essence

Linen is woven from the flowers of the Flax plant and is a completely natural resource - the most ecological fabric of all. Only the very best fibers are used by the linen industry, no part of the flax plant is wasted; the leftover linseeds, oil, straw, and fiber are used in everything from oil and soap to cattle feed and paper. The careful transformation and finishing processes are resulting in products which induce a feeling of pleasure and well being

Easy care

Linen fabric and knit remains elegant in the city or traveling, and is easily ironed, retaining the original properties.

Healthy and beneficial

Linen is thermo-regulating isolating in wintertime, cool and breathable in the summertime, non-allergenic and anti-bacterial and thus especially recommended for sensitive skin.

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