Bristol Multi-functional Silk Wrap Jacket
Wrap Jacket. Kimono inspired piece of clothing for the final touch to your wardrobe for any silhouette or situation. Easy to wear, wrap and play with the stylish geometric design. This garment can be styled in countless ways! Be creative adapt wrap to your reality.
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Jacket with long belt, unique geometric print. A silk fabric with a “crinkle effect”. 

Composition & Care:

  • 100% Silk ”Crinkle”
  • Dry clean

SILK - a natural protein fiber

Silk is one of the popular fabrics for apparel because of its unique properties.

Is the most luxurious fiber, the most comfortable, the most absorbent and the best for draping. Capable of the greatest luster.
Silk is the strongest natural fiber having the finest "hand". The protein fiber of silk is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons.

The fabric is cool in summer due to the absorptive capacity and warms in winter as it is a non-conductor of heat.

Easy care

Silk fabric does not attract dirt because of its smooth surface. The dirt, which gathers can easily be removed by washing or dry cleaning. 
Remains elegant in the city or traveling, and is easily ironed or steamed, retaining the original properties.

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