Dagmar Multi-functional Wool Wrap
Wrap in airy wool with Stylish Tie-Dye effect, every day, with ease and lightness add-on to your wardrobe! Be creative adapt wrap to your reality, for any silhouette or situation. This garment can be styled in countless ways!

Rectangular wrap. A piece of clothing with 3 openings - 1 neck hole, 2 armholes – With a Tie-dye Colour melange effect.

Composition & Care:

  • 100% Wool 
  • Dry clean or hand wash

WOOL - The natural hair

Wool is taken from animals in the Caprinae family principally sheep. Is now a premium product but for much of the last 6000 years, it has been the mainstay of clothing in all grades and qualities. Selected wool with high loft, making also mixed qualities that enhance the luxurious appearance and the natural softness and comfort. Wool is the only fiber with its possibility for the fibers to cling together and produce felt. Wool absorbs moisture and insulates against heat and cold, they also have good elasticity and resilience.

Easy care

Wool clean easily and knit remains elegant in the city or traveling, and is easily ironed or steamed, retaining the original properties.

Healthy and beneficial

Wool is a natural fiber and tends to be warmer than others.

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