A unique collection for a modern and active woman that wants the best quality only natural fibers can offer.

SENSIFY’s collection revolutionizes women's wear with an emphasis on practicality and wearability. It combines essentials with multifunctional or statement clothes. A collection available all year round, meeting a variety of women’s needs throughout the day and throughout the year with Flexibility, Variety, and Awareness.


Only natural fibers are used in our clothes as one of our quality and ethical standards.

Extra care is given to the choice of natural fibers such as Bamboo, Kashmir, Silk, and Wool, with the importance of touch and feeling wonderful against one's skin.

Sensify Collection natural fibers

Sensify collection natural fibers


SENSIFY provides the possibility to create every woman's own attitude and a unique way of adapting each outfit to daily social expectations.

Our clothes can be worn in different ways for different occasions, perfect for traveling; just a few pieces can make numerous combinations and outfits, allowing the clothes to adapt to each attitude and situation.


SENSIFY is knitwear, comfort, and quality of a perfect cut, which flatters the feminine figure, and the elegance of lightness, simplicity. SENSIFY provides the perfect combination for an easy-care wardrobe for a stressed daily life.

Currently, we have 2 brand labels SENSIFY and SENSIFY by Laila Sørensen.