Marian Multi-functional Wrap
Original Wrap in modal and cashmere, the softness of the luxury fiber mixture of beige and grey tones in a unique structure. For any silhouette or situation, easy to wear and supreme comfort. This garment can be styled in countless ways! Be creative adapt wrap to your reality. Available in One Size.
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A rectangular piece of clothing with 3 openings - 1 neck hole and 2 armholes.

Composition & Care:

  • 90% Modal 10% Cashmere
  • Hand washable


Modal is A type of Viscose fiber made from fibers of the beech tree. The term viscose applies to fabric/fiber made from wood pulp from any tree. Modal uses only beech wood. Modal is classified as bio-based textile fibers. Modal fabric is very soft, drapes well, resists creasing and has smooth lustrous finish.

Bamboo fiber is a unique biodegradable textile material, nature return to nature. Enjoy the feeling of "second skin".

Easy care

Modal should be taken from the dryer while slightly damp to reduce wrinkling. Knitted modal fabrics are resistant to wrinkling if removed from the dryer after a short period and folded or hung.

Healthy and beneficial

Modal is both absorbent and air permeable or breathable. It is cool to the touch

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