We vow to inform you honestly about our progress
on the way to an evermore sustainable collection of elegant, versatile,
multi-functional and all together meaningful collection for today’s woman.

A woman with a mind of her own, a woman who wants to
actively contribute to a world in balance. A world that demands
that each individual take responsibility for her or his actions.

The way to achieve this is long and holds many obstacles.
We at Sensify walk this way step by step, as a company ever attentive
to offer you the best possible balance between sustainability and affordability,
careful to bring you garments that look and feel good on you
while equally bearing in mind not only the sustainability
of the materials and processes we use,

but also the sustainability of Sensify as a commercial entreprise,
securing fair employment for textile workers in Portugal
in Ecocert factories and traditional workshops – a next milestone
being total transparency throughout the entire supply chain.

Together, let's change the face of fashion.

Let's change the world.